Estrategias de los dentistas para conseguir más pacientes

Para un dentista es vital estar consiguiendo siempre pacientes, pues esto podrá ayudarlo a hacer crecer su clínica dental y sobre todo a destacar de entre tanta competencia que existe hoy en día. Para poder lograr esto es necesario empezar a utilizar las herramientas tecnológicas con las que contamos hoy en día, que es lo que muchos dentistas actuales están empezando a hacer, con el fin de lograr posicionarse. 

Algo que todos ellos tienen bien claro, es que no hay forma alguna de que logren destacar sin que se apoyen de estas herramientas, pues hoy en día todo se lleva a cabo por medio del internet, este es el principal medio por el cual las personas llevamos a cabo todas nuestras tareas, incluyendo la búsqueda de servicios de salud, como el servicio dental. Esto es algo de lo que todos los dentistas tienen que estar bien conscientes si desean obtener más pacientes, no solamente se trata de ofrecer servicios de calidad. Y esto es algo que no muchos dentistas toman en cuenta, que no importa si ofreces las mejoras coronas dentales, o las mejores carillas dentales o los mejores frenos o los mejores implantes dentales, ni tampoco si ofreces los mejores precios en el mercado si no hay forma de que las personas sepan esto. 

Por eso muchos dentistas están empezando a recurrir a métodos más efectivos que los ayuden a darse a conocer por medio del internet, pues como ya se mencionó este es el principal medio en el cual se tienen que enfocar hoy en día. Uno de estos métodos es el seo Tijuana el cual los ayuda a aparecer dentro de los primeros resultados de búsqueda en Google cuando una persona está buscando sus servicios por medio de internet. El SEO puede llegar a ser algo complicado y tardado, por eso es que los dentistas buscan agencias que puedan ayudarles a lograr estos resultados de una forma más efectiva y duradera, además de que aparecer entre los resultados orgánicos siempre tiene un valor mayor a aparecer entre anuncios, pues es señal de que por algún motivo (por ejemplo sus excelentes servicios) los dentistas que se encuentran dentro de los primeros lugares se han ganado sus puestos. 

Otro método que muchos dentistas están empezando a utilizar hoy en día son las campañas de Google Ads. Esta es una forma más rápida por medio de la cual muchos dentistas pueden lograr posicionarse entre los primeros lugares, claro que por medio de anuncios pagados. Regularmente lo que hacen la mayoría de ellos es que contratan los dos servicios, uno de forma temporal en lo que logran posicionarse de forma orgánica dentro de los primeros lugares y de esta forma logran conseguir muchos más clientes. 

Un CRM, como el Software Dental Odontalify, también es otro método efectivo para los dentistas, pues los ayuda a llevar un mejor manejo tanto interno como externo de su clínica. Y estas son solo algunas de las estrategias que muchos dentistas están empezando a utilizar hoy en día para lograr posicionarse y destacar en el sector dental

What Makes Up a Dental Price List?

Dental care is one of those basic human needs. Unfortunately, this can be hard to affordable most of the time. If you have ever been to a dentist, you surely know that it is all too easy for the dental price list to add up. Before you schedule an appointment with your dentist, it is a must that you know, and you understand the different dental costs so you can determine if you are spending too much or too little. 

The dental price list for a dental treatment is dependent on several factors, including:

  • Amount of work required
  • Amount of treatment needed
  • The specific dentist that provides the treatment 
  • The standard of the particular clinic where the treatment will be performed 
  • The dentist’s qualification level
  • Level of support and aftercare 

Take a look at the following costs of common dental treatments as seen in a regular dental price list:

  • Crowns – $150-$1,000 for every tooth 
  • Teeth whitening – $150-$550 
  • Gum contouring – $200
  • Dental implants – $600-$1,200 for every tooth
  • Dental veneers – $150-$1,000 for every tooth
  • Dental bridges – $125-$400 for every unit 

If these are the amounts that you see on the dental price list given to you, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are within the range of average cost for such forms of dental treatments. Of course, you can further offset some costs if you have dental insurance, but not all plans will play for the whole procedure as many of these have the co-pay feature. 

Tips to Save Money on Dental Costs 

If you don’t want to be overwhelmed with the dental price list every time you visit your dentist, there are a few things you can try to do to ensure that you can save some cash next time:

  • Always choose wisely when choosing your dentist. Even though it may be appealing to opt for a dentist offering additional services, you will be better off with an independent dentist working from his own clinic or office. Services of such dentists are not only cheaper for you can also negotiate a more flexible payment plan with them for the specific treatment you need. 
  • If you have high dental costs, you can also buy affordable dental insurance. This form of insurance is different from the usual insurance yet this can help you out if you want to save money. Different dental insurance plans are now available to offer a percentage reduction on some dental procedures. 
  • You can also look beyond your community and receive dental treatment from a clinic in another country or even on the border. There are already thousands of people who are doing this right now, and they have enjoyed great savings. As dental costs continue to hike up, it is not really surprising that people choose this route. 

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of the dental price list, you can now decide better of your choice before you set an appointment with a dentist. 

Body Behavior After Weight Loss Surgery

The ease with which people can acquire unhealthy food has caused a large percentage of the world’s population to suffer from problems related to poor nutrition. Of the alterations that the individual can obtain concerning ingesting foods that are not healthy, it is the excess of fat inside the organism of the individual. It should be borne in mind that people who are overweight can significantly impair the quality of their lives.

Currently, obesity is one of the diseases with the most global presence, as mentioned by the WHO, does the same human cause the epidemic. And is that it is already a disease that can occur at an early age, to the extent that Mexico is ranked first in childhood obesity. For this reason, particular emphasis has been placed on trying to eradicate this disease that causes various difficulties in different organs of the body.

One of the most common treatments that people with this problem come to is to perform some surgery, mainly to the gastric sleeve in Tijuana. Individuals who suffer from this problem resort to this type of procedure when, although they exercise, they do not achieve the desired results. The objective of this operation is that the person can lose excess weight and reach an Ideal Body Mass Index. It is essential to keep in mind that, at this point, the person may already suffer from problems related to obesity. So it is necessary that surgeons can previously have an idea about how accelerated are the ailments.

Another objective, apart from weight loss, is to reduce the consequences of obesity and lower body mass percentages. This may be a process that does not always have a quick effect, but results will be obtained. It has been observed that people who undergo this type of surgery have changes in metabolism as a result of the procedure performed. Similarly, there are modifications in the patient’s bile acids and intestinal microbiota.

It is widespread for all people who undergo this type of surgery to consider that they will suffer changes in their body, both physically and internally.

Endocrinologist system: All the operations that have the purpose of the patient losing weight, limit the percentages of the amount of food intake, causing the person to satisfy the sensation of eating faster. That is to say; there are alterations in the ghrelin hormone and other hormones; this does not mean that these modifications are harmful.

Emotional conditions: Due to alterations in hormones, it is normal that after this type of surgery, the person suffers changes in their mood. This is because the body is leveling the hormones, so it is a state that disappears. It has been seen that after this leveling, individuals tend to improve their self-esteem and confidence.

Skin: This organ can suffer aesthetic problems due to surgery, mainly because there is excess skin due to weight loss. It is also common for the skin to become dry and flaky.

To conclude, it is crucial that the person who wishes to undergo this type of surgery is always advised by an excellent surgeon who conveys confidence and can clarify all the doubts that may arise regarding the treatment. That must exist a follow-up of the patient, to improve the nutrition and motivated to do exercise.

Grinding Of Teeth

I think we’ve all heard that grinding of teeth at some point, and although in many cases it can be voluntary, it’s not always like that. It is essential to find out the causes of this act to know the treatment.

This grinding is known in the dental field as “Bruxism.” This pathology is the voluntary and involuntary movement of the jaw, which causes the rubbing of the upper teeth with the posterior ones. We can categorize it, as mentioned, in conscious (typically generated in the day) and the unconscious (provokes in the nights, during sleep). For many people, bruxism is simply a “trick” or “habit” of the individual, but it is not, many dentists agree that it can be a factor for the appearance of periodontal problems. This condition is more common in children, although there are adults who also have it.

Some factors that are associated with bruxism are psychological, dental, and other issues. There is not really a specific cause for which this type of acts is generated, but it usually can occur due to the first two factors already mentioned.

  • Psychological

It is inevitable to think that bruxism is not related to psychological issues. The specialists in the area of psychology have determined that the friction of the teeth can be generated by problems that the child or adult has. It is common for personal issues that cause the individual some stress, anger, tension, or anxiety. The person to be in a situation that produces this type of feeling has a bodily reaction, in this case, the movement of the jaw; this is a way of releasing that feeling that the victim is going through.

  • Dental 

It can be associated with problems with the bite, certain dental disorders or questions in the jaw, but it is still not known with certainty whether these anomalies really produce bruxism.

  • Other

Nocturnal– As for unconscious bruxism, several scientists and specialists have determined that it can be caused by sleep difficulties, mainly by parasomnia.

Genetic– This pathology can be strongly related by genetic questions, for example, the parents that in their childhood had bruxism, probably, their son also is going to have it. Although it has been observed that people who suffer from some mental retardation or musculoskeletal disorders can be victims of this dental disorder.

General health– Certain diseases, especially syndromes, due to difficulties in the respiratory tract or infections.

This constant grinding can cause the child to deteriorate their teeth, which can significantly affect the appearance of their teeth. Likewise, there may be certain inconveniences in the gums, so it is necessary that the bruxism is treated, to prevent it from reaching major periodontal problems.

Possibly the dentist, upon learning that it may be due to psychological problems, recommends going to a specialist to treat the patient, while the dentist will focus on bruxism not causing significant damage to the oral cavity and treating those already damaged teeth. Although there is no specific treatment, the help of specialists who treat the mental and dental area will help to find a possible cause and then look for a solution to treat bruxism. So people can go with the best dentists in Tijuana to handle the problems that exist in the mouth.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Nowadays there are many dental treatments that exist, however, the knowledge that many people have about them is still very little. And this is something worrisome, because when there is a problem in the denture they do not know what to do or even if they knew about these treatments they would also know about what causes them, which could help them to avoid them, however, unfortunately, this is not the case, so the problems continue to occur and still do not know well treatments that can help correct it. This is why we have given the task of talking about dental bridges in this article, in order to inform people more about the innovative options available to dentistry today and that can help anyone with their dental problems.

To begin it is important that we talk about what a dental bridge consists of and we can say that basically a dental bridge is made up of crowns for the teeth that serve as an anchor for any bridge side and a false tooth between spaces between the crowns. They are false teeth that serve to simulate those who have been lost for any reason. And this is precisely the great advantage of dental bridges that serve for people who are missing several teeth because of an illness, a fracture or an injury. If a person maintains good oral hygiene and visits his dentist regularly, a fixed metal bridge can last approximately 10 years.

There are different types of dental bridges in Tijuana, among them are the following:

Traditional dental bridges

These are the most common types of bridges, they are formed by one or more false teeth and are fixed by dental crowns. The dental crowns are cemented on the teeth near the missing tooth and are also known as pillars.

This type of bridge can be used in cases where natural teeth still exist on both sides of the missing piece. The advantage of these is that they can replace the molars because they have the necessary strength, however they also have a disadvantage  that is that it will be necessary to remove the enamel to be able to place the crowns that will be cemented on the nearby teeth and like enamel it does not regenerate, these teeth will have to need crowns for life.

Cantiliever Bridges

This type of bridges are similar to traditional bridges, however the difference is that they are supported on one side instead of both, so if you only have one tooth next to the hole this is the ideal option. In the same way it is necessary to remove the enamel in order to sustain the bridge.

Maryland Bridges

This type of bridge is another alternative, these are held in a fixed way by a metal or porcelain structure. This structure is attached to the back faces of the teeth that are on the sides of the missing piece. As this bridge is not fixed with crowns it is not necessary to remove the enamel, which is a great advantage. However, it also has some disadvantages, for example that it may not be fixed in areas of the mouth where the teeth need to be strong when biting.


Goodbye To The Use Of Mercury In Dental Practices

I think we’ve all seen someone who has a silver coating on their teeth, but what exactly is that silver coating?

That silver dental package is the amalgams; they are used to repair damages present in the teeth, as are mainly cavities. The purpose of this cover is to restore the function that the tooth has lost due to the damage, covering the area affected by the restorative material and thus avoid the presence of future cavities. The problem with amalgams is that, due to the material with which they are made, there have been several cases where people suffer intoxication and is that we remember that mercury (one of the materials with which the amalgams are made) is an extremely toxic metal for humans, causing brain damage and even cancer.

Despite the fact that the treatment of amalgams was very popular due to the resistance of the material and its great usefulness, with scientific advances it has been demonstrated that, as previously mentioned, it can cause damage to health since they are made of 50% mercury, a metal that is toxic to humans and the environment; therefore, many people have chosen to remove amalgams and countries in different parts of the world have preferred to avoid the use of mercury, replacing it with special masks that will fulfill the same function as the previous ones.

There are different fillings that replace the function of the amalgams, among the most popular are:

Resin fillings

Used for veneers, crowns or to repair fractured teeth.


  • Strong and durable
  • They’re tooth-colored.
  • No damage or corroding
  • Prevents health problems
  • Aesthetics
  • Better adaptation to the tooth due to the material

Porcelain / ceramics

The restoration of the tooth by means of porcelain usually covers a larger perimeter of the tooth and simulates the color of the tooth.


  • Good resistance
  • They don’t wear so easily.
  • The material does not cause sensitivity
  • Aesthetic

Replacement of amalgams

If the amalgam is in a deteriorated state, the dentist may choose to replace the damaged amalgam with a restoration of another material. If the amalgam is in good condition and still functional, the dentist will decide, according to his criteria, if they are removed or if they stay better.

Amalgams can be removed depending on:

  • Fractures, leaks or cavities
  • Stains
  • Aesthetics
  • Hydrargyrism

For the extraction of the amalgam it is necessary to have a protocol of security and hygiene, to avoid contamination in the patient and the environment.

  • A separation is used to avoid the passage of contaminated saliva.
  • A sucker is used to evacuate the vapor generated by the mercury.
  • Amalgams are handled at a cold temperature to minimize steam.
  • The patient will receive a special liquid to rinse the mouth before the procedure, this to avoid the absorption of mercury.
  • Both the dentist and the team should use special equipment.
  • It is recommended that this procedure not be performed on pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding.

Indeed, many dentists worldwide prefer to avoid the use of mercury; last year there was a campaign called “Towards Mercury-Free Dentistry”, where different countries joined this cause to eliminate mercury from the health sector. You can consult and research dentists who do not use mercury for their treatments. We recommend you to investigate in the area of Tijuana, due to its proximity to the United States, attend foreign and national persons, look for mercury free dentist Tijuana. Remember to go for options that will not harm your health in the long run and that are friendly to the environment.

All You Need To Know About Sapphire Brackets

Orthodontics in Tijuana and Mexico has evolved considerably to give the patient the best options, making the treatments less invasive and more effective thanks to the technological advances and research that are constantly being done. One of those treatments is definitely braces.

If you, like many other people, suffer from dental problems that can affect your bite, your dentist will most probably recommend braces, but not everyone likes the way their teeth look with metal brackets. If you are one of them, we recommend that you read this article so that you know another option that doesn’t involve the visibility of metals in the denture and that continue to perform the same function as the traditional ones.

Brackets of… sapphire?

Yes, just like you read “sapphire brackets”. This type of brackets are made from sapphire, a very resistant mineral of transparent color, which increases its hardness when treated. Resulting in a material strong that, thanks to its transparency, fuses with the color of the tooth, achieving an optical illusion of not having brackets. The ring with which they are held can be metallic or white; this type of procedure is perfect if you want them not to attract attention because they are very discreet, but this also depends a lot on the color of the tooth, if it is white will not be noticed at all but if it has a slightly yellow color may be noticed a little.

What is the difference to other types of brackets?

Although there are different types of brackets the objective is the same, to correct dental problems, but there are differences between each of them, between the finishes and material. It depends a lot on how you want to look. So they are mainly divided into two: metallic and aesthetic.

Metal braces: Definitely the most common as they are the cheapest and tend to be a little more resistant.

Aesthetic brackets: Sapphire brackets belong to this category because their function, apart from repairing the denture, is that they are not as visible as the previous ones.

Are there advantages to wearing sapphire brackets?

Of course, some of the most significant advantages are:

  • Resistance- Since sapphire is a fairly tough material, they tend to last a long time and the brackets don’t waste as much.
  • Harmony and aesthetics- Because they are transparent, making them quite discreet, they are easier to get used to.
  • Comfort – Does not cause irritation to the cheeks and gums.
  • Adhesion- It adheres quite well to the teeth, preventing them from getting depressed or falling out.
  • Cleaning – If a good cleaning is carried out, the transparency of the brackets will last throughout the treatment.

Do I have to take any special care?

Yes, it is important to take good care of your braces as they will last longer and look cleaner.


During the treatment we must avoid the consumption of certain foods that can damage the brackets.

  • Sticky candies
  • Hard food
  • Fibrous foods


Because of their structure, they tend to accumulate more food, so it is necessary to have good hygiene to avoid secondary problems that can affect the gums and tartar.

  • You should brush your mouth after each meal,
  • Use of special brushes to thoroughly clean the mouth.  Use dental floss and mouthwash.
  • Constant check-ups
  • Visits to the dentist are important to review how the treatment process is going. In consultations, the necessary movements will be made to improve the evolution of the treatment.

Perfect Smile With Dental Veneers

Before mentioning the reasons why you can opt for this type of dental treatment is important to know, first, what they are and why they are so popular today.

What are dental veneers?

They are tooth-colored thin sheets that adhere to the surface and are molded according to the natural tooth. These pieces can be porcelain or composite. They are used mainly for aesthetic purposes, helping to improve the appearance of damaged teeth.

Why should you use veneers?

Veneers are an excellent and quick option to solve functional and aesthetic problems that can occur in people’s teeth. Today we live in a society obsessed by their physical appearance and as the face is the first part that is seen, people tend to pay more attention to this part of the body and therefore to the denture. Aesthetic problems can considerably affect the self-esteem of individuals. For this reason, research related to the area of dentistry has been improving, so that dentists give patients the best option according to their needs.

The progress of these investigations has given popularity to dental veneers, being a simple method that improves tooth color changes, irregular shapes, spaces between teeth, fractures and dental wear. Dental veneers maintain an attractive and perfect smile so that the person feels comfortable with the appearance of their teeth. It is one of the solutions that celebrities use to achieve an impeccable smile.

Advantages of using veneers

White smile

One of the things that we are most looking for is to have white teeth as they refer to the care given to them and hygiene, but in many cases it is not enough just to have a good routine of oral care, there are certain foods and activities that we do that can affect the color of our teeth in a considerate way. Some foods that can stain teeth are: sweets, coffee or soft drinks. The activities that damage the white aspect of the teeth are normally associated with the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Sometimes tooth whitening is not enough to counteract stains, so we opt for veneers that solve this problem; veneers are usually resistant to stains.

Aesthetic problems

Many people often have problems with their teeth, which is why they look for methods to help solve and correct these methods. Some conditions that can be solved with the use of veneers are:

Correcting misaligned teeth – Not only can it be an aesthetic problem but it can also affect the way you bite or even talk. Veneers can solve these problems.

Dental gaps – If the space is not as large, dental veneers can be used.

Correcting the shape of teeth– The correction should be according to the proportions of the mouth and face, to give a balance. It is necessary to consult a dentist to avoid aesthetic errors.

How long do the veneers last?

They depend a lot on the material with which they are made (porcelain or composite). Porcelain has the characteristic of being more resistant and durable, can last about 25 years or more, but are usually more expensive. Composite  are made of a cheaper material and are more likely to fracture, have a life span of approximately 6 years.

What care should I take?

It is important to take essential care so that the veneers last longer. Regular tooth brushing is important, as is flossing. Regular visits to the dentist are necessary to check for fractures or problems. Finally, avoid hard foods that may cause damage.


Caring for the Older Adults

Aging is not a change that only occurs in certain societies but it is a phenomenon that all people go through since it is a biological transformation present in all living beings. But this achievement can become a problem that involves not only the same individual but a whole society. Older adults often have chronic health problems (high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis, memory loss, cancer, etc.) that require necessary and specialized attention. In many cases, hospitals or families themselves look for nurses (geriatric nursing) to help them manage the health of their adult relatives.

The increase in life expectancy has been an important factor for these places or hospitals to seek specialized nurses for the care of the elderly since, with the growth of the adult population, have increased the number of ailments and complications. Although aging entails physical and mental changes, it is necessary for the person to feel good for his or her well-being. This stage is very complicated because people tend to get sick more often but with daily exercise activities can decrease these symptoms. At the same time, it is difficult for them to carry out daily activities. There are certain physical factors associated with age that need the support of a nurse: degenerative diseases, decreased motor skills, visual or auditory, depression, memory impairments, etc.. It is necessary to learn the needs of each patient.

The objective of a nurse is to support the doctor by applying preventive or curative treatments according to specifications, in order to guarantee an efficient service. In this case, the nurse must have previous knowledge about the care of the elderly, the objective of a nurse is to support the doctor by applying preventive or curative treatments according to specifications, in order to guarantee an efficient service. In this case, the nurse must have previous knowledge about the care of the elderly, to meet the needs of the person with comprehensive care, quality care and individualized care.

The nurse should understand that older people have specific problems and pathologies which require more attention and dedication as older people tend to be more sensitive and susceptible to certain diseases. Must work and be in communication with the staff where you work, with family members and doctors who care for people, to avoid an error in the diagnosis and care of the patient. The places that care for the elderly usually hire nurses for the care of people, the level provided is a basic level that does not require devices or instruments difficult to transport and maintaining acceptable levels of personal hygiene and adequate nutrition.

The most advanced procedures include vital signs monitoring, intravenous medication and blood extraction. In many places, nurses can count on assistants to take care of tasks that do not require as much intervention, that is, basic tasks such as bathing, brushing, changing clothes. The authorized nurse in the care of a patient is responsible for carrying out work that involves monitoring the health of the adult: blood pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, insertion of catheters, application of injections and certain medications or changes in bandages.

That is why it is necessary that the places that take care of the adults have specialists (senior care Mexico / senior care Tijuana) that support the adults to overcome their illnesses and also to their daily activities.


Steps to follow in order to obtain a beautiful smile

Having a beautiful smile is a goal that we often see unattainable because there are many factors that influence this and achieve all the requirements is something that can take a long time and sometimes the costs to obtain this may be too high. However, despite the fact that getting a beautiful smile can be a long process, the truth is that deep down we know that if we do not give up we can achieve the smile we have always wanted. In order to obtain this, we have to follow a series of steps or recommendations, through which we will achieve the most beautiful smile we could imagine.

Brushing teeth

This is more than basic, because many times we seem to forget that daily hygiene is necessary for our teeth always look good, and regularly what we do is that many times we forget to brush our teeth and we think that nothing happens or that for once we do, nothing will happen, however the consequences begin to be noticeable over time and although we didn’t have the perfect smile, the one that we had starts to deteriorating and they remain in deplorable conditions, all for not brushing our teeth or not know how to do it in the right way.

Flossing is also essential because although we brush our teeth, there are many places that the brush cannot reach, so it is necessary to floss to remove the remains of food that remain in the most hidden areas of the teeth, and can lead to later problems such as cavities that later become more serious problems and can cause teeth to be removed or some other problem.

It is well known that the correct way to brush the teeth is in a circular way so as not to damage the enamel, something that also has to be taken into account for our dental hygiene.

Consume foods that do not harm the teeth

Everything we eat necessarily has to go through the teeth first, that’s why we have to be very careful with the food we eat and not only because it damages our health, but also damages our teeth. Some of these foods are hard candies, it is very common that children who are the ones who consume them most or even adults sometimes get to bite and thus damage their teeth in a very bad way, also acidic drinks have great impact on our dental health, sweets in general, pasta, ice, and nuts are other foods that we have to be very careful, because if we consume too much or do not brush our teeth well after consuming them it is likely that we have problems after having eaten them.

Receive the appropriate dental treatment

Most people do not go to the dentist until they begin to have problems with their teeth, which is a serious mistake, because often attending the dentist regularly can help prevent future problems with the teeth. Going to the dentist regularly for checking and cleaning is the best idea to keep your teeth healthy and thus have a beautiful smile. In addition, in cases where there are crooked teeth, a dentist can help us get brackets in Tijuana, which will help us achieve the goal of having a beautiful smile.


Why Is Necessary To Have A Dentist Specialized In Children

More and more, good references are used to find a Dentist in Tijuana specialized in children. Parents are more inclined to dental clinics specializing in children’s dentistry, or that the specialty is treated in dental clinics that have good professionals in the area. Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry with growing demand, for this reason, it is a sector that is transformed every day, it is necessary that children at an early age have the prevention and information necessary to grow with oral health always in good condition and to prevent dental pathologies in the future.

The development on the rise of a specialty like this is mainly due to the fact that early care is the determining factor for a person to grow up having the necessary information to face the different changes that will take place in his teeth. A dentist specialized in children is trained to diagnose and proceed to treatments aimed at dental diseases specific to children, having the professional profile indicated for any situation. As in other situations related to health at that age, a specialist in pediatrics is used, special attention is as important as with other branches of health. The dentists who are trained to care for babies and children have the knowledge to generate special links with them and to know in detail the specific characteristics of dental health in the childhood stage.

Anyway, it is not something new that you can find specialists trained academically in children’s dentistry, prepared to have the necessary tools to address and treat the health of children. What has changed over time is that adults have become increasingly aware of the determinant that prevention is, and how important it is when it is done as soon as possible.

On the other hand, having a child specialist provides help to find ways to interact with them, with a special and indicated procedure. The problems of dental health of children is of interest to transit growth and better development over time. The important thing is to have enough knowledge so that dental prevention in infants is inserted in society, as a daily habit. These conditions are necessary in balance to a child feeding that currently decreases in quality, causing serious problems in oral health, so be aware of each advance and information to prevent it at early ages is so important.

For these reasons, having a specialist in pediatric dentistry is necessary, as necessary as it is a professional of relevant training. Being professionalized dentists in the specialty allows especially count on the good predisposition of the child, who approaches this consultation without fear and in some way arrives prepared and informed of what it is about.

It is natural for children to go to a dentist’s office with fear, for not knowing completely what it is and for the environment in general. A dentist specializing in pediatric dentistry is an aid to children to lose that rejection or a certain fear based on lack of experience, but it also depends on adults, their parents, can answer all your questions so you can approach that dentist without any fear. It is decisive advice that children are not obligated to go to the dentist, because all this will only make the work of the dentist more difficult and produce even more rejection.

A dentist specialized in the area, not only has the training indicated for preventive care in children’s dental health. One of the characteristics is the method to behave effectively in front of children and to lose all their fears. This will help each child to have an untraumatic experience when going to the dentist, but on the contrary, they can behave in a relaxed way, something that will undoubtedly help to collaborate with any treatment.

Partes del cuerpo con las que tenemos que tener mucho cuidado

Existen muchas partes del cuerpo con las que tenemos que tener suma precaución, pues aunque parece que nuestro cuerpo es muy fuerte, la realidad es que existen ciertas partes de él que son muy delicadas y a la vez son esenciales para su buen funcionamiento y para poder llevar una buena vida, libre de cualquier tipo de problemas que se puedan presentar y nos puedan hacer sentir incómodos.

Los Dientes

Los dientes son de suma importancia para nosotros, los seres humanos, pues es casi imposible que podamos vivir sin ellos, ya que aunque no lo parezca tienen muchas funciones, no únicamente la de masticar los alimentos como pensamos, y aunque la verdad es que esta sigue siendo una de las funciones más importantes de estos, pues sin ellos es imposible que mastiquemos todos los alimentos que solemos consumir día con día y que nos ayudan a estar bien nutridos y a evitar todo tipo de problemas de salud. Además, aunque no nos demos cuenta los dientes también ayudan a que podamos hablar correctamente, es por esto que regularmente las personas mayores que no tienen dientes casi no se les entiende cuando hablan, pues su voz no puede salir claramente debido a la falta de dientes. Por esto es esencial que tengamos especial precaución con el cuidado de nuestros dientes y vayamos a chequeo cada cierto tiempo, y en caso de ser necesario nos realicemos estudios como una panorámica dental Tijuana, para poder checar en que situación se encuentran nuestros dientes y evitar todo tipo de problemas con estos.

Los Ojos

Los ojos son otra parte de nuestro cuerpo con la que deberíamos de tener especial cuidado, pues aunque sabemos que estos son esenciales para llevar una vida cómoda y sin problemas, muchas veces no tenemos los cuidados esenciales con ellos, pues no se nos inculca que así como otras zonas de nuestro cuerpo, estos también requieren un cuidado especial. Hay muchos factores que pueden influir en el daño de la vista, por ejemplo una exposición prolongada a pantallas como celulares, computadoras o televisores puede influir en un daño a la vista que provocara que la persona necesite usar lentes. También existen otro tipo de padecimientos de los ojos, como por ejemplo con el paso del tiempo muchas veces la vista se ve afectada y un padecimiento llamado cataratas empieza a presentarse. Una persona que sufre de esta enfermedad regularmente empieza a ver mal y poco a poco va perdiendo la vista hasta que de plano queda ciega, esta enfermedad es tratada regularmente con cirugía, sin embargo el costo de esta suele ser muy elevado y por lo tanto muchas personas se ven imposibilitadas para costearla.

Los Oídos

Los oídos son otra parte esencial de nuestro cuerpo pues aunque pueda ser muy obvio nos ayudan a escuchar lo cual nos da la posibilidad de disfrutar de manera plena la vida, porque una persona que no puede escuchar bien lo más probable es que se sienta limitada. Desafortunadamente la audición es otra de las funciones que se ven afectadas con la edad, pero eso no quiere decir que con un buen cuidado de todas formas sea inevitable que el oído se vea afectado, pues en realidad si se tiene especial cuidado con estos a lo largo de nuestra vida, es muy probable que no se presenten problemas y que no necesitemos aparatos de audición en un futuro.

Going regularly to the dentist can give you an enviable smile

The regular visit to the dentist will give you the assurance that your dental health is on the right track. It is necessary that you have information periodically about what are the hygiene and proper feeding behaviors, relevant for your dental health. But for this to happen is a necessary condition the virtues of a good dentist. A healthy smile has its costs but it is worth trying, it will give priority to your oral health. These periodic visits to the dentist will not only be a basic element to recognize and solve dental diseases, but also to identify and describe the state of your health in general.

Advances in dentistry, allows you to obtain a recognized look at your physical health. The same happens in the opposite direction, a good state of oral health is a mirror of good health at a generalized level. Having a good dentist will allow you, among other things, to diagnose early diseases in the gums that can, after not being treated, produce health complications.

Research shows the importance of recurring to a dentist periodically to solve problems in the gums, cure that type of dental pathologies can prevent diseases in the rest of the body derived specifically from these diagnoses in the gums. Not only chronic inflammation of the gums can be mentioned, but also cases of dry mouth, ulcers, or recurrent gum problems that can go on mutating and that just for this reason become chronic and not favorable for a good quality of life.

For all these reasons or more, it is a priority to find a good dentist Tijuana, this professional could become the first specialist you usually visit and thus find the first symptom of possible illness and treat it with the other relevant professionals in each area. Oral health problems and poor hygiene can generate many conflicts, discomfort, and others. Among them, oral pains or on the face, infections, and gingivitis are the primary pathologies of the gums that can cause the inevitable loss of the tooth.

All this description may seem unpleasant, but it has a clear solution and much simpler, less painful and annoying than reaching the necessary treatment. The solution is to use a good dentist recommended or with good references that give you the security of being in good hands and receiving the information and fair advice to maintain good oral health in perfect conditions to avoid any future disorder.

The link with your dentist is as important as with any other professional. The professional can detect though of an examination if the hygiene is the indicated one, an anomalous development, or other problems as the alignment in the jaw. All this can elaborate a clinical history of the health in general lines that could be linked or not after that examination. The proper oral hygiene and the assistance of a good professional make the difference, brush your teeth at least twice a day and with fluoride toothpaste. Dental floss to avoid bacterial plaque, the main cause of infections and which are a very important complement to tooth brushing.

Eating foods that have the necessary vitamins to prevent future diseases, vitamins such as A and C can be very helpful. Another element to consider is to avoid everything that can be any habit such as smoking, these are a danger to the gums with consequent diseases. And from now on, and most importantly, resort to the dentist regularly for an exam that will be essential to avoid any disease.

What Is Urinary Incontinence?

It is very common for people to go through life without worrying about anything, but there comes a time when due to certain factors, there may be some problems that can lead us to suffer some diseases, one of the main factors is age. However, this is not the only one, there are different types of factors that can lead a person to not be well with himself and to be more prone to suffer certain ailments.

One of the most common ailments and the one that is not taken with the importance that is needed is urinary incontinence, a condition suffered by many people, and some believe that it is a matter of older people, when in reality, although it is true that affects older people, this can affect any person, at any age if they do not have certain care.

Urinary incontinence is a condition that involves the loss of bladder control. The symptoms are not always the same and can range from a leak of mild urine to the abundant and the uncontrollable output of it, depending on how advanced the condition is. As mentioned earlier, this can happen to anyone, however, it is much more common that starts at an old age. Cases, where women suffer, are more common than cases of men.

It is very common that this problem occurs when the muscles of the bladder are too weak or too active, which causes problems of bladder control. There are different types of incontinence.

Stress or stress incontinence

If the muscles that are responsible for keeping the bladder closed weaken, it is possible that accidents begin to occur when sneezing, laughing or lifting heavy objects..

Urgency incontinence

The other type of incontinence that exists is the one which occurs if the bladder muscles are too active, with this type of incontinence, it is very common to feel a strong urge to go to the bathroom even though there is very little urine in the bladder.

There are also other causes that can cause incontinence, such as problems with the prostate and neurological injuries.

To treat incontinence, the first step to follow is to consult a urologist in Tijuana, a urologist is a doctor who specializes in urinary tract problems, this will be responsible for performing a physical examination and review the patient’s medical history. Subsequently, he will ask some questions about the symptoms and medications used by the patient, as well as if the patient has been ill or has recently had surgery.

It will also be necessary to perform some tests, such as urine and blood tests and also tests that measure how well the patient empties the bladder.

In addition to this, the doctor can request a record of how much urine and when urine leaks, in order to provide the most appropriate treatment.

Currently, thanks to advances in medicine, there are many treatments for urinary incontinence. Each treatment depends on the type of bladder control problem that the patient has, how serious it is and especially which is best suited to the patient’s lifestyle. As a general rule, the simplest and safest treatments should be used first. Bladder control training can help you get better control.



Rejuvenate your teeth today is possible, with new techniques to achieve a perfect smile

If you find yourself in serious difficulties when it comes to smiling, or if you observe radiant smiles and you get envious, or if you want to have a radiant smile but you think you will only see it at the movies. When you have a healthy and attractive denture, without doubt, gives an unbeatable image and a presentation of your persona quite pleasant.

Currently, getting a beautiful smile is much more available to people than it was before. The health of the mouth is linked to daily treatment in relation to hygiene and prevention. You can find tools that will be an easier solution to achieve a smile makeover in Tijuana, which helps anyone who needs it, with good quality and good prices, so it is essential to consult a good dentist before, that is updated and pending of the new tools in dentistry.

The appearance improves markedly when special attention is paid to the dentition, radiant and white teeth, without deformations or misaligned modify a face in an unimaginable way. An attractive smile generates a great effect on other people and if in your case you do not have major dental problems, it is best to keep your teeth using everything you can to improve it, it can give you many benefits.

In the opposite case, if your teeth have a yellow tone or some small deformation, nowadays and with the enormous advances in dentistry should not be a problem. Today there are new tools and techniques that can offer many solutions to the perfect smile you are looking for. From surgeries to more than effective treatments with dental care products that can produce great advances and practically miraculous solutions.

In the process and treatment to achieve an ideal smile involved various techniques, including treatments to modify the tone of the teeth, also their alignment. If they are widely separated from each other, or have a bad location of the gums over the teeth or the size of them, for each of these problems or others that may be mentioned, there are solutions, especially for each patient.

Many times in the dentist’s offices, they encounter quite usual cases such as the size of the gums, which have a smaller size compared to the dentition or on the contrary too large for the teeth. If the problem is that the excess of gums it modifies the visualization of the dentition, or if the proportion of the gum is small in relation to the teeth, solutions such as the autograft can be applied or in the case of excess, extracting the gum until the teeth look as they should be.

Many times patients come to dentists because the teeth are not in a perfect line. Contouring is a common technique that gives the contour of the teeth a regular edge, giving the desired appearance, that visual effect of being properly ordered.

In order to obtain a young and radiant dentition, there are a series of treatments, which together favor the goal of a perfect smile. Whitening, alignment or even some intervention can give your teeth an unbeatable appearance, after having been mistreated by the cigarette, changing its color, or to be more specific a poor diet and hygiene methods that harm a denture. On these techniques is that a good dental rejuvenation is based.

Of course, there are a lot of treatments, techniques, and tools that dentistry currently has and with the technological contribution to benefit the aesthetics and the composure of a mouth. Orthodontic treatments, dental implants, endodontics, dentures, etc. All these favors the aesthetics and self-esteem of a patient. Each patient presents different problems and therefore requires solutions that need to adapt to different demands. At each consultation, your dentist will present a series of solutions and values ​​for you to obtain the smile imagined.


The most famous surgeries

Surgeries are modern procedures that help to solve functional, physical and aesthetic problems. Currently, surgeries help to solve and avoid different health problems and also aesthetic, because in this case there is plastic surgery, which helps people who do not feel good with their body to be able to solve this small problem and shape their body as they please. Also in the health problems, it has been total salvation, because there are different types of surgeries that can help to solve different cases or to avoid certain types of diseases and not allowing them to continue advancing.

There are different types of surgeries and each of them has a different procedure and helps to solve different types of problems. Here are the most famous surgeries.

  • Umbilical hernioplasty

This surgery consists of reducing and controlling a hernia that has formed in the umbilical zone to avoid future complications.

  • Cholecystectomy by laparoscopy

This surgery is an outpatient surgery (surgery that does not require hospitalization). This consists of removing the gallbladder with a device called laparoscope and other special materials that allow surgery without having to do any kind of opening the abdomen.

  • Appendectomy

There are certain factors by which a person can have problems in the appendix and in fact, it is quite common that if there is any type of complication people undergo this surgery before it becomes something very serious that can really affect the Health.

  • Breast augmentation

This is a very common plastic surgery, it is an outpatient surgery where special techniques are used to modify the size, volume, and firmness of the breasts. This type of surgery is quite common in women with small breasts who want to change their appearance and feel more attractive.

  • Liposuction

Liposuction is a plastic surgery that allows you to model the silhouette-eliminating fat in certain areas of the body. This type of surgery is perfect for people who want to eliminate fat in areas such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, etc. And that they have not been able to eliminate by natural means such as exercise or diets, the ideal thing is liposuction Tijuana is one of the cities where this surgical procedure is carried out the most.

  • Abdominoplasty

This is another type of operation of the plastic surgery that allows to shape the abdomen and therefore make it firmer, this is very common in cases where a patient has lost a lot of weight or has gone through a pregnancy. For people who want a flat stomach, this is the perfect solution.

  • Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgery that helps to solve health problems such as obstructions or deviations of the nasal septum, or to improve the appearance of the nose. This surgery is very famous because it fulfills the two functions of improving health and also the aesthetic appearance, things that not all surgeries do.

  • Knee Arthroscopy

This type of surgery works to detect or correct injuries in a damaged joint. Two small cuts are made in the knee and an arthroscope and other instruments are inserted to help detect this.

  • Vasectomy

This is a surgery that is done on men and that involves cutting or blocking the vas deferens to interrupt the passage of sperm. And it is done in men who do not want to have children permanently.

The cheapest dental treatments in Tijuana

Dental treatments are the most expensive treatments that exist, especially in the United States. For this reason, many people decide to go to Tijuana, the concur border, in order to get dental treatments at excellent prices and with very good quality. Since we know that dental hygiene is fundamental for good health and that this is sometimes affected by the high costs at which treatments are offered, we have decided to make a list of the cheapest dental treatments in the city of Tijuana, for that you can give you an idea of what treatments you can save a lot of money.

Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are the most requested dental treatments, because although we brush our teeth every day, many times the food or drinks we consume stain our teeth in a way that a simple brushing cannot eliminate, so it is necessary to go to perform dental cleaning regularly and this represents an expense, so it is better to find a place where you can be doing dental cleanings regularly without having to worry about the amount of money you will spend.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the most requested dental treatments by seniors, because regularly when we reach old age, we can lose our teeth, so we are in need of having to replace them with dental implants. The only problem is that for replacing the teeth they have to be made with certain special materials and placing them also involves a delicate process, that is the reason why the treatment usually cost a lot of money. Fortunately, in Tijuana, you can get dental implants at a great price.

Dental Braces

One of the most requested dental treatments is the dental braces, because when we lose the milk teeth and grow the new ones it is very common for them to grow crooked, which gives an unattractive appearance and therefore it is necessary to look for a way in which we can align them, that’s what the dental braces are for. This treatment is quite common, but since it is usually very dilatory it is also quite expensive, so looking for dental braces in Tijuana is the best option to save money.

Root Canal

A Root Canal Surgery is a surgery that is performed when the decay has already advanced too much and it is no longer possible to just remove it, but it is necessary to remove the dental pulp and fill it with inert material so that there is no discomfort. This type of treatment is extremely delicate and therefore usually very expensive. For Cheap Root Canal Tijuana is also the best option because you will find this surgery for a very good price and in that way, you will be able to have great dental health.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers have become one of the most famous dental cosmetic treatments because they offer the opportunity to have a Hollywood smile in a simple and fast way, but like almost all dental cosmetic treatments, their prices tend to be very high, for this reason, it is better to look for them in Tijuana where you will find dental veneers for a lower price.


How many types of liposuction are?

Liposuction is one of the most famous aesthetic plastic surgeries in our days. It consists of a surgical intervention whose function is to extract the accumulated fat in different areas of the body, such as jowls, arms, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, knees or ankles.

Something that is often mistakenly thought that liposuction is a treatment against obesity because it is not like that, rather it is a technique to mold the body by removing excess adipose tissue and sometimes injecting it where it is desired. The procedure is performed with local anesthesia, epidural or general anesthesia, depending on the case, a syringe connected to a vacuum machine that removes the fat from the treated area is introduced. This surgery lasts between 1 and 2 hours.

There are different types of liposuction and each one of them adapts to the needs of each person.

Ultrasound-assisted liposuction

In this type of liposuction, the fatty deposits dissolve through of certain waves of sounds that hit them. These are introduced through special cannulas that arrive through several incisions in the skin. This method is perfect for sucking fat in an effective and fast way.

Traditional suction assisted liposuction

This is the type of liposuction that we commonly know, in this one, the fat is sucked through a cannula, which will also help to dissolve fatty deposits through movements inside the skin. Although this is still the best-known type of liposuction, nowadays, thanks to the new techniques that have emerged, people are preferring to opt for another type of liposuction.

Laser-assisted liposuction

In this type of liposuction, an incision is made to liquefy the fat through a laser, to be able to extract it later. This new method is very effective, which is causing it to become one of the most popular nowadays.

Liposuction by dispersion or water jet

In this type of liposuction, a jet of water in the form of a fan is applied which is responsible for releasing fat cells from the tissue. What differentiates this type of liposuction from the others, is that in this the fat does not dissolve or is destroyed, but is eliminated along with the water that has served as an assistant.

Liposuction is the perfect aesthetic plastic surgery for people who have accumulated fat in certain areas of their bodies such as the abdomen, arms, legs, and that have been impossible to eliminate them through exercise, diet, and other natural mediums. In this case, the desperation can be too much, because the fat refuses completely to leave the body no matter how much it is done. Therefore, it is a relief to know that today it is possible to eliminate this accumulated fat, through liposuction and thanks to advances in this, now it is also possible to choose among the different types of procedures that exist the one that best suits us and our needs.

If you are considering liposuction, it is a good idea to look for “Liposuction Tijuana“, because this is the city where almost all people, especially Americans come to receive medical services or plastic surgery, they know they can get a super good price and excellent service quality, just like in the United States.