All You Need To Know About Sapphire Brackets

Orthodontics in Tijuana and Mexico has evolved considerably to give the patient the best options, making the treatments less invasive and more effective thanks to the technological advances and research that are constantly being done. One of those treatments is definitely braces.

If you, like many other people, suffer from dental problems that can affect your bite, your dentist will most probably recommend braces, but not everyone likes the way their teeth look with metal brackets. If you are one of them, we recommend that you read this article so that you know another option that doesn’t involve the visibility of metals in the denture and that continue to perform the same function as the traditional ones.

Brackets of… sapphire?

Yes, just like you read “sapphire brackets”. This type of brackets are made from sapphire, a very resistant mineral of transparent color, which increases its hardness when treated. Resulting in a material strong that, thanks to its transparency, fuses with the color of the tooth, achieving an optical illusion of not having brackets. The ring with which they are held can be metallic or white; this type of procedure is perfect if you want them not to attract attention because they are very discreet, but this also depends a lot on the color of the tooth, if it is white will not be noticed at all but if it has a slightly yellow color may be noticed a little.

What is the difference to other types of brackets?

Although there are different types of brackets the objective is the same, to correct dental problems, but there are differences between each of them, between the finishes and material. It depends a lot on how you want to look. So they are mainly divided into two: metallic and aesthetic.

Metal braces: Definitely the most common as they are the cheapest and tend to be a little more resistant.

Aesthetic brackets: Sapphire brackets belong to this category because their function, apart from repairing the denture, is that they are not as visible as the previous ones.

Are there advantages to wearing sapphire brackets?

Of course, some of the most significant advantages are:

  • Resistance- Since sapphire is a fairly tough material, they tend to last a long time and the brackets don’t waste as much.
  • Harmony and aesthetics- Because they are transparent, making them quite discreet, they are easier to get used to.
  • Comfort – Does not cause irritation to the cheeks and gums.
  • Adhesion- It adheres quite well to the teeth, preventing them from getting depressed or falling out.
  • Cleaning – If a good cleaning is carried out, the transparency of the brackets will last throughout the treatment.

Do I have to take any special care?

Yes, it is important to take good care of your braces as they will last longer and look cleaner.


During the treatment we must avoid the consumption of certain foods that can damage the brackets.

  • Sticky candies
  • Hard food
  • Fibrous foods


Because of their structure, they tend to accumulate more food, so it is necessary to have good hygiene to avoid secondary problems that can affect the gums and tartar.

  • You should brush your mouth after each meal,
  • Use of special brushes to thoroughly clean the mouth.  Use dental floss and mouthwash.
  • Constant check-ups
  • Visits to the dentist are important to review how the treatment process is going. In consultations, the necessary movements will be made to improve the evolution of the treatment.